We work with people planning for retirement, small business owners, and individuals with complicated affairs. We have chosen to specialise in these areas to ensure we can provide the highest level of technical knowledge to a specific group of people. We do not at this stage accept new clients outside of our specialisations


We spend considerable time in the first meeting getting to know you, your family and how it is that you are where you are today financially and personally.

We will discuss in detail some of your key focus areas over the next few years and then also look longer term to what you want to achieve whether it be retirement, philanthropy or continuing to work ongoing.

We will also request various items of financial information from you and third parties for us to build a clear picture of where you are at financially.

The first meeting is also an education session where you are free to ask anything want and we will cover a number of key financial planning strategies.

Our first meeting is free of charge.

Initial Strategy Modelling

After our initial meeting, we will take the information away and perform some very detailed financial modeling. This allows us to clearly identify your current situation and progress and whether your current path will allow you to meet your objectives.


We will then look to make improvements to your current scenario using the skills we have learned over sixteen years in financial planning. These improvements generate several different alternative strategies that we discuss in our second meeting.

Financial Planning Proposal

After our initial meeting and initial analysis, work is completed we will meet to discuss our findings and the various alternative options available to you.

Depending on the alternative path you choose, your adviser will identify the work required and the time it will take to research, document and implement your financial plan. You will be provided with a written agreement outlining the advice to be provided and the associated costs involved.

Strategic Financial Plan

Once we all agree that the optimal financial strategy is the most appropriate to follow we will document this in a detailed financial plan (Statement of Advice) that both you and us can refer back to and review as the plan progresses. This plan has no product or investment advice, it is purely focused on financial strategy with very clear steps to follow going forward.

Investment Advice

We then proceed to build an investment plan which is finding the right investments including superannuation to match the strategic financial plan. it involves a review of your current investments including superannuation and ensuring they are best suited to your Strategic Plan. Where improvements can be found and if appropriate from a tax and cost perspective we may recommend alternatives within your current investment and superannuation portfolios or entirely replace investment portfolios.

Risk Advice

Your personal protection portfolio, this is a plan that ensures our strategic financial planning advice and associated outcomes are protected through appropriate risk strategies. Any current insurance is reviewed and recommendations are made to ensure it is cost effective and matches the outcomes we are trying to achieve in our strategic planning advice.

Ongoing Advice

Our ongoing advice service is designed to ensure the strategy, investments and insurance we have recommended and implemented performs as it was meant to.

We regularly review for changes in your circumstances as well as changes in the general economy and legislation. At least Annually your entire strategy is reviewed to check how you are tracking against key milestones in your strategic financial plan and recommendations for improvements made

Alterations to the strategy may occur ongoing to ensure we are maximising every opportunity available to you

Portfolio’s are formally reviewed every four months with comprehensive reporting and asset allocation advice to ensure the portfolio is performing in line with expectations. Our firm investment philosophy is reviewed annually

Portfolios are benchmarked to peers and to the index.

He has my complete trust and respect and not only is he brilliant with is financial acumen and advice….
I think what I enjoy most is that he’s a really, really, lovely, personable guy with a terrific sense of humour! I cannot recommend him highly enough.


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