Receiving an inheritance often has a significant impact on the recipient. From dealing with the loss of a loved one to deciding what to do with your new found funds and often with a sense of responsibility to do the best you possibly can with the gift received. This responsibility and emotional burden can cause people to make rash and often poor decisions and is often a time of significant stress.

Knowing your options and obligations at this time is paramount, there are often significant tax implications that can be managed through forward thinking and talking with an expert.

Jigsaw Financial Planning can help you understand clearly what opportunities an inheritance can create and help you decide on what is the best course of action to maximise your benefits as well as ensure that these funds give your total financial position the largest improvement possible. From determining the best debt reduction strategy, helping your children buy their first home, building an investment portfolio, utilising a family trust if appropriate, building super and taking a lot of the stress away by helping you make clear, considered decisions.

We work in conjunction with tax and legal experts to ensure the important responsibilities placed on executors are met and the estate is dealt with as efficiently and cost effectively as possible

It is a great feeling, and we want to say how much we thank you for giving us the direction and
inspiration – we couldn’t have and wouldn’t have done it without your help.

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