We believe that every successful investment strategy begins with an asset allocation suitable for its objective.


Asset allocation determines most of the returns and the variability of the returns of a diversified portfolio.


It is important to manage market risk, inflation risk and shortfall risk among other risks to help investors in achieving their financial goals.


Based on the return that’s required, we create an asset allocation model that’s suitable to achieve that objective.


We adopt a Core and Satellite approach which uses index funds as the ‘core’ or foundation of a portfolio and lowly correlated active funds as ‘satellites’ to deliver risk and return benefits to client portfolios. The low cost, tax efficient and broad diversification characteristics of index funds provide a foundation for client portfolios that will deliver market returns Both active and passive investments have potential benefits in a portfolio. Passive funds offer low-cost efforts to track benchmarks, leading to a tight range of relative returns. Active funds offer the potential for outperformance, although with greater uncertainty and typically higher costs.


Diversification is a powerful strategy for managing traditional risks. Diversifying across asset classes reduces a portfolio’s exposure to the risks common to an entire class. Diversifying within an asset class reduces exposure to risks associated with a particular company, sector, or segment.


Our month wandering in our caravan has sadly come to an end. I wanted to let you know that all has gone smoothly with our
Centrelink payments, which started whilst we were away. Also, the monthly amount is coming from
our super as expected. Thank-you for all you have done to make our transition to retirement so easy.

Margaret and Chris

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