How we manage money

The task of investing money wisely has never been more difficult. Not because of the lack of investment options available, but, by contrast, the abundance of them. We live in a time when the apparent investment opportunities have never been so great. Never before have there been so many experts, advisers and brokers offering such a diverse range of plausible options on which is the road to riches.

Jigsaw Financial Planning have drawn on years of experience to develop our Investment Philosophy. We understand that managing money is a huge responsibility and having a transparent investment process is essential in educating and building trust with our clients.

Achieving your goals

We believe that helping you to achieve your goals is the most important aspect of financial planning.  We believe that investment portfolios should be constructed to your meet your specific needs.  We believe that in order to get the best result your wealth should be managed to produce the highest probability of you achieving what’s important to you.


We invest according to timeframe in consideration with you achieving your goals.  We cannot predict short-term market movements.  We are unable to tell you that it is time to “get out of the market” or “get into the market” Therefore we only invest long-term funds for you when completely satisfied that short term risk is not an issue.

Investors versus Speculators

We are investors, not speculators.  We believe in building your wealth over time, using savings and discipline.  Speculation on hot tips involves luck rather than skill and is not something we offer clients.


We believe that diversification is important.  Sometimes called the “only free lunch’ in the investment world, it enables you to sleep at night knowing that you have a very wide spread of investments across all of the major asset classes.  We also believe in the value of low cost index investing.  This can provide you with a well-diversified core to your portfolio.

Proactive Investment Management

We bring investment expertise to the relationship but not in the way most clients perceive.  We will rebalance and ensure appropriate diversification.  We will ensure that your risk tolerance is respected in order to achieve your goals.  We will not be measured on portfolio returns as these are out of our total control.

Jigsaw Financial Planning have been great! They have helped me get the appropriate insurance cover for my situation
and worked through all the options with patience and professionalism. I would highly recommend Jigsaw.

Ben D Queensland

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