Ongoing Portfolio Management

Regular reviews of your investment management portfolio lead to higher returns and ensure that your portfolio remains best fit for you.

Your circumstances, investment experience, risk and return objectives and financial constraints, change over time. Regular review ensures that this information is updated when it changes. This allows us to help you stay the course and make adjustments as necessary.

Even the best investment management strategy needs to be adjusted to stay on track. To ensure your portfolio continues to provide you with the highest probability of success we rebalance your investment management portfolio as required.

A study by US financial services research group Dalbar shows how ruinous investors poor investment behaviour can be to their wealth creation.  In the 20 years to 31 December 2013, Dalbar computed the “average stock fund investor return” by using industry cash flow reports from the Investment Company Institute. The “average stock fund return’ figures represented the average returns listed in Lipper’s US Diversified Equity fund classification model. The average stock FUND return was 8.70%p.a. but the average stock fund INVESTOR return was 5.0%! This 3.7% return differential compounded over the 20 year period would have had a HUGE effect on the investor’s total return.

Dalbar concluded that investor returns are markedly different from the returns promoted by fund managers because most people try to time their entry and exit points – and often get it wrong, often selling out of their investments in volatile periods and re-investing after most of the gains had been made. A close relationship with a quality financial adviser can steer you away from these very common behavioural mistakes, help you avoid destroying investment returns, making sure you achieve your investment goals.

Chris was extremely professional in all of our ongoing communication and very clear in detailing the different options and
the reasoning behind the specific recommendations. The process was extremely streamlined and efficient.


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