Our investment philosophy

The task of investing money wisely has never been more difficult. Not because of the lack of investment options available, but, by contrast, the abundance of them. We live in a time when the apparent investment opportunities have never been so great. Never before have there been so many experts, advisers and brokers offering such a diverse range of plausible options on which is the road to riches.


Like all successful financial advice businesses, we have a core set of investment beliefs.


These beliefs shape the investment decisions we take on your behalf and give focus and discipline to the oversight of your investment goals.


We are guided in the decisions we make on your behalf by some fundamental investment principles that assist you to stay focused on your investment goals and build wealth over time.


We know that investors can’t control short-term market movements. So instead we focus on factors in your control such as


  • Understanding your attitude towards risk and return to develop a detailed risk profile
  • Allocating your investments across a wide range of assets—shares, bonds, property and cash
  • Choosing the right mix of investments styles—index and active—to achieve your goals.
  • Reducing the cost of investing wherever possible by implementing tax-effective investment strategies.
  • Rebalancing your investments back to your target asset allocation to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

We don’t focus on the markets, the economy, manager ratings or the performance of individual securities. Instead we focus on the fundamental principles that we believe can give our clients the best chance of success.


  • We will help you create specific and measurable investment goals.
  • We will help you develop a suitable asset allocation using broadly diversified funds.
  • We will help you minimise cost.
  • We will help you maintain perspective and long-term discipline.


These principles are embedded in our culture and guide the investment decisions we help our clients make.

Jigsaw Financial Planning have been great! They have helped me get the appropriate insurance cover for my situation
and worked through all the options with patience and professionalism. I would highly recommend Jigsaw.

Ben D Queensland

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