There’s often confusion about what a financial planner does. Usually, because it’s not just one thing, it’s an amalgam of several steps. Some are larger and better known than others, but every step holds importance.


So what is financial planning?

A Financial Plan created by Jigsaw Financial Planning details the strategies you should adopt to achieve your stated goals and objectives. It has been developed using our six-step process outlined below.


Your Financial Plan will:


  • Identify and document your most important lifestyle and financial goals
  • Confirm your current family and financial position
  • Outline obstacles you face in accomplishing your goals and objectives
  • Recommend our financial strategy alternatives that offer the best opportunity to achieve your current and future financial objectives
  • Display financial modelling used to assess outcomes from alternative strategies
  • Explain how we expect your financial position to improve through our recommendations


Your financial strategies described in your Financial Plan reflect your current situation and attitudes towards your goals and objectives. Together, we will periodically review these strategies to ensure they continue to reflect your situation and are efficiently aimed and on track to achieving your objectives.


Your financial plan will be professionally and efficiently implemented by a very skilled team to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.


Financial Plan costs are based on the time, complexity and skill required to complete your work. A written quote is provided and agreed upon by you before any charges are incurred. This is generally presented in our second meeting.

Ongoing Services and Review


The service and advice we provide to you will always be objective, in your best interests and designed to improve your financial and lifestyle position. Our advice will be provided personally and professionally. It will be yours to adopt, confidential between us and you will at all times remain in complete control of your financial decisions.


Individual ongoing service agreements are prepared for each client that take into account the level of ongoing service you require and we all agree upon. As a general rule most ongoing agreements cover at least an annual review, periodic portfolio reviews throughout the year and if applicable a risk review.


Ongoing service agreements start at $4,000 per annum plus GST

I am grateful for his care and professionalism. Knowing that my superannuation and investment portfolio is continually under
his watchful eye has removed the stress and allowed me get on with work and life, which is worth a great deal to me.

Debbie. S Dee Why

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