Our promise to you


Like all successful financial advice businesses, we have a core set of investment beliefs.


These beliefs shape the investment decisions we take on your behalf and give focus and discipline to the oversight of your investment goals.


We are guided in the decisions we make on your behalf by some fundamental investment principles that assist you to stay focused on your investment goals and build wealth over time.


We know that investors can’t control short-term market movements. So instead we focus on factors in your control such as


  • Understanding your attitude towards risk and return to develop a detailed risk profile
  • Allocating your investments across a wide range of assets—shares, bonds, property and cash
  • Choosing the right mix of investments styles—index and active—to achieve your goals.
  • Reducing the cost of investing wherever possible by implementing tax-effective investment strategies.
  • Rebalancing your investments back to your target asset allocation to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

Our Investment Philosophy

We don’t focus on the markets, the economy, manager ratings or the performance of individual securities. Instead we focus on the fundamental principles that we believe can give our clients the best chance of success.


  • We will help you create specific and measurable investment goals.
  • We will help you develop a suitable asset allocation using broadly diversified funds.
  • We will help you minimise cost.
  • We will help you maintain perspective and long-term discipline.

These principles are embedded in our culture and guide the investment decisions we help our clients make.


We collect relevant information to ensure that investment goals and plans take into account individual investor’s objectives and constraints. We believe that the investment plan should suit the investor and the outcomes you are trying to achieve.


Our process is to start with the outcome that’s required and it takes into considerations the level of risk required as well as the client’s goals and objective.


We believe that investment goals and plans need to take into account important considerations such as time horizon, cash requirements and tax.


We help investors to set realistic, measurable, and attainable investment goals.


We believe a sound investment plan helps the investor to stay focused on the factors the investor can control rather that reacting to always changing newspaper headlines.


We believe that clear and realistic goals can help protect investors from common mistakes (e.g. performance chasing) that can deprive investors of achieving investment success.


Our investment portfolios are designed to withstand various market environments and are built with a long term view and to achieve the desired outcome.



We believe that every successful investment strategy begins with an asset allocation suitable for its objective.


Asset allocation determines most of the returns and the variability of the returns of a diversified portfolio.


It is important to manage market risk, inflation risk and shortfall risk among other risks to help investors in achieving their financial goals.


Based on the return that’s required, we create an asset allocation model that’s suitable to achieve that objective.


We adopt a Core and Satellite approach which uses index funds as the ‘core’ or foundation of a portfolio and lowly correlated active funds as ‘satellites’ to deliver risk and return benefits to client portfolios. The low cost, tax efficient and broad diversification characteristics of index funds provide a foundation for client portfolios that will deliver market returns Both active and passive investments have potential benefits in a portfolio. Passive funds offer low-cost efforts to track benchmarks, leading to a tight range of relative returns. Active funds offer the potential for outperformance, although with greater uncertainty and typically higher costs.


Diversification is a powerful strategy for managing traditional risks. Diversifying across asset classes reduces a portfolio’s exposure to the risks common to an entire class. Diversifying within an asset class reduces exposure to risks associated with a particular company, sector, or segment.



We use cash inflows and outflows to make portfolio rebalancing more cost efficient. Periodic rebalancing is necessary to keep portfolio in line with the asset allocation designed for the objective. Rebalancing helps to control portfolio risks; lack of rebalancing allows the high-return (and usually high-risk) assets to grow and results in higher portfolio risk.
Periodic rebalancing is necessary to keep portfolio in line with the asset allocation designed for the objective.


We are investors, not speculators. We believe in building your wealth over time, using savings and discipline. Speculation on hot tips involves luck rather than skill and is not something we offer clients. Investing can provoke strong emotions, especially fear.


In the face of market turmoil, some investors may find themselves making impulsive decisions or, conversely, becoming paralysed, unable to implement an investment strategy or to rebalance a portfolio as needed.


Spontaneous departures from your asset allocation strategy, either to outguess the market or to chase winners, rarely pay and can be very costly. Discipline and perspective are the qualities that can help investors remain committed to their long-term investment programs through periods of market uncertainty.


Simply contributing more money toward an investment goal on a regular basis, harnessing the power of compounding returns over time, can be an extremely successful investment strategy.

Staying in the investment course is key. While it is possible for a market-timing strategy to add value from time to time, on average these strategies have not produced returns in excess of market benchmarks.



The lower investment costs, the more investors keep their returns and the greater their chance of achieving investment success. Index funds generally have lower portfolio turnover as they tend to ‘buy and hold’ securities for longer periods to track the index. Investors cannot control the markets but they can control costs. We adopt a core-satellite approach to help control the overall investment costs


Manager Selection

We believe it is important to understand the manager’s philosophy, culture, expertise and investment process. Our active satellite managers are chosen based on their proven track record, true to label and ability to provide long-term risk-adjusted returns above their benchmark.


We use third party research house to identify candiates for inclusions in client’s portfolios. For every manager we establish measures of success and time period for which the manager will be evaluated. We regularly review the performance of managers to ensure they are still suitable for inclusions in client’s portfolios and where we identify a better option, we will implement it within the portfolios.




We undertake regular reviews to stay informed about investment portfolios and managers’ capabilities.

We maintain regular communications to check if the portfolio is being managed in accordance with established guidelines and to discuss performance results.


We refer to third party research to ensure that they stay true to label and their philosophy and processes have not changed.


Managers are evaluated using long term track record rather than short term performance. Managers are reviewed when there is a personnel change or event which will have an impact on the fund’s ability to achieve it’s objective.


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